About Geno's Pizza By The Slice

An Arkansas River Valley Tradition, Established in 1985

Time and time again, hungry folks from all walks of life have turned to one restaurant for a delicious pizza experience: Geno's Pizza by the Slice. Even the most passionate pizza gourmet will be impressed by our soft, doughy crust and our assortment of savory toppings. We have just the right options to suit any taste, from spicy pepperoni to black olives and more!

Now with three locations, Geno's Pizza by the Slice is more convenient than ever! Whenever you’re in the mood for an impeccable pizza, just drop by and place your order. Our winning service and casual, welcoming ambiance provide the perfect dining atmosphere. We also offer take-out, so when hunger strikes, view our menu, place your order and enjoy our fresh and hot pizza! 

We also offer affordable and reasonable catering if you want to treat your event guests to our delectable pizza. 
For hot, fast and ready to serve pizza, call us today!



Ron N.

For some reason the Geno's Pizza take the crappiest ingredients and make something so addictive.They have Pepperoni, Sausage, Cheese, and Supreme by the slice, I think $ is on the higher end for pizza..The theme for this location is like any other... predominant maroon colors around their logo, and bathroom like tiled floors, and florescent lighting.


Duduaneane B.

This isnt good pizza in anyway.. it looks and taste like something you get from the frozen section of the supermarket.  Crust is bland, and doesn't look like it is even cooked.. the only way this should be eaten is after a drinking binge and you need to soak up the liqour..


Queens Girlie 1.

Horrible. It tastes frozen, has little to no sauce. Being a New Yorker I am biased. But I've had frozen supermarket pizza that was better than this! I'm actually insulted that I spent on this order.


Timothy C.

It's an average pizza place, but they use minimal sauce. They have an excellent salad bar.


Unidentified C.

The service is absolutely terrible. Few times have I experienced rudeness like I have at this location. About one out of five times do I get the condiments I ask for at the window without having to ask a second time. The pizza is overpriced for its quality, but is generally acceptable.


Travis S.

Pizza is good if you're needing a snack. But the staff has no clue about customer service (at least when you're driving thru). I always chuckle at the greeting - or lack there of. Chick-fil-A they are not.  But I'll keep going back for the pizza.


Smith J.

I honestly can't find anything impressing about this place. I've been a few times the staff always seems upset or mad and the food is OK at best. Opposite of visually appealing. The one thing I do like is the combo deal which still comes out to about 10 bucks which isn't all that impressive by any means. I gave it a couple tries, the place is just not for me.


Ron D.

I really like this pizza and I like that you can get one or as many slices as you want without ordering a whole pizza.  I usually get the manager's special, two slices, one trip to the salad bar and a drink and it is more than enough. Pizza is always hot and fresh and the salad fixings are the same, lots of choices.


Laura S.

I love Geno's... always have! I grew up with Geno's coming to my school every Friday. When I go home to AR, I always have Geno's at least once. It really isn't the best pizza ever, but something about it I just love. 1 slice of pepperoni with a side of ranch and a coke is the way to go.