Seasonal tastes better: Oven risotto with green beans and hazelnut kernels

The last Thursday in August means: time for a new round Seasonal tastes better ! Due to relocation I unfortunately had to stay in July. Although that was actually nonsense, spontaneously I have then published a grilled zucchini salad. He would have fit wonderfully in the round. This time I'm officially back and I brought along a oven risotto with green beans and hazelnut kernels .

seasonal vegetables in August

August is one of the months with a particularly large variety of local vegetables. Cucumbers and tomatoes, in all colors and shapes! Eggplants and zucchini, which I constantly prepare as oven-baked vegetables. Fresh sweetcorn, regional peppers. Green salads galore, plus peas and fennel. Ok, I'm out at fennel. But, last but not least: Beans ! Unfortunately, I've missed big beans this year, but there are still plenty of green beans, at least here in the Rhineland.

Green beans are known in many different varieties, here they are currently available mainly as runner beans and bush beans. I decided this time for bush beans for the sake of simplicity. The advantage here is that you only have to cut off the ends and do not have to pull out any threads. The beans are then precooked in salted water and cold quenched as desired. They keep their color. Only then will I continue to process it. So they are safe to eat and remain crisp and tasty.

Oven risotto with green beans - perfect after hours

Oven risotto is still one of my favorite foods. I like to prepare it quickly after work. The oven risotto with green beans is my fifth recipe for oven risotto in the blog! The others I like to link you again here under the post. It's just so fast and easy and always succeeds! Have fun trying them out!

Oven risotto with green beans and hazelnut kernels

Servings: 3- 4

Quick and easy oven risotto - no hassle!


  • 200 g risotto rice (eg Arborio)
  • 700 ml boiling hot vegetables broth
  • 300 g of fresh green beans (bush beans)
  • 30 g of hazelnut kernels
  • 60 g freshly grated pecorino plusThe floor should be about 2-3 cm high. Thoroughly stir. Cover the mold with a lid and cook the risotto in the lower third of the oven for 30 minutes.

Roast the hazelnut kernels in a non-fat frying pan at medium temperature until fragrant. Put the hazelnut kernels in a kitchen towel and scrub off the skin. Roughly chopping hazelnut kernels.


Remove the prepared risotto from the oven and carefully open the lid. Add pecorino and butter and stir stirring, until both have dissolved and mixed well. Also fold the beans.


Spread the risotto on a plate and sprinkle with more pecorino and serve with chopped savory to your taste.

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