Cookbook review of "Mia's Sweet Little Things" by Mirja Hoechst - with recipe for pistachio ice cream from Thermomix and ice cream maker

Mia is actually Mirja Hoechst (no, not really ö) and is a photographer and blogger. Many, however, may well be known simply as "Die Küchenchaotin". That's the name of her blog and the name makes her all honor. Swipe your fingers halfway, run against cabinets, drop expensive blenders - she can do everything and has already tested them for us. Mia is just a little nonsense and that makes her kitchen adventures just so lovable and worth reading, because you but one time or another recognizes and is always taken care of good, authentic entertainment.

Lately Mia is also still author - her first book Mia's sweet little things - The best recipes of the kitchen chocolate * is currently published by Thorbecke Verlag and holds exactly what it promises: a variety of delicious, sticky, sweet, mega sweet and sweeter little things in which one the mouth watering already runs through.

Book cover: Mirja Hoechst - Mia's sweet little things - The best recipes of the kitchen chocolate, published in the Jan Thorbecke publishing house

© Jan Thorbecke Publishing

And so I come to feel like eternities finally again to write a review and this time I am also personally on heart. Because the book is really great and I'm really happy for Mia. And if anybody doubts, hopefully my review will help with the decision making process. In addition, right on time for the beginning of spring, I also have the recipe for Mias pistachio ice cream in my luggage, which I have modified for the Thermomix. In the meantime, I only make all my ice cream recipes in it because there is nothing simpler than keeping egg masses perfectly at the right temperature. See the original Mia recipe for pot preparation and stirring in the book on page 127 for copying.

 one scoop of homemade pistachio ice cream in a small jar decorated with pistachios

Let's get to the book:
Soft pink and lilac, it comes in a handy format of 19 x 24 cm with 136 pages. And Mia winks at us from the looker-cover mischievous and a little mopped up. By the way, the sweet picture has also the blogging photographer Franzi from Where's the vegetable shelf? made. The paperboard is nice and thick, the paper dull and handy. And anyway, you get me with the pretty purple tones that run through the whole book.

Mia's sweet little things is subdivided into a short introduction and the same size with 10 recipes each Chapter "On the hand," "Tartlets and cakes", "From bowls and glasses", "Tartes and Tartelettes" and "From the fridge".
The font is large and well kept legible, but overall the lyrics are pleasantly short and personal. Again and again Mia reveals her best tips and tricks, she introduces each chapter and all the recipes with a small, personal note.
The overall layout is rather simple, the fonts are modern, but not too playful and the colors fit perfectly. All recipes are neatly divided, well structured and therefore absolutely user-friendly. In addition to a title, a short personal introduction, recipe instructions and often a tip, there is a clearly structured list of ingredients and the reference to the number of pieces orThe bakery and snacks are absolutely the focus, too much decoration or Chichi does not exist here.
The recipes form a colorful mix of absolute favorite recipes, where really everyone will find it. In addition to many classics, a few exciting new ideas or modifications are also used.

A favorite for the Nachbackliste is certainly the Lemon Curd crumble cake : on a simple yeast dough comes easy ( homemade) Lemon Curd and sprinkles on it. Ingeniously simple and something different than the classic butter cake. The White Nusstarte makes my mouth water as well: crispy short crust pastry meets creamy filling with creamy white chocolate and caramelized nuts. Heart, what do you want more?! The salty caramel ice melts in the picture just slowly and looks so creamy that you want to bite immediately. This too must be imitated urgently.

However, the first recipe I counterfeit is the homemade pistachio ice cream . I've never done that. Why? But with Mia, it looks so simple that I simply tried it out. By the way, you're looking for calories in vain - and that's a good thing. Here is clearly the enjoyment in the foreground and Mia has really given us a very wonderful compilation of sweet little things on hand. Beginners will find easy-to-use recipes for getting started in baking. But also for ambitious hobby bakers there are plenty of nice ideas and suggestions. The style is incredibly personal - atmospheric images from Mia's kitchen and their best tips take the reader by the hand and make the book more than just a recipe collection: a personal cookbook to love and give away!

Mirja Hoechst
Mia's Sweet Little Things - The Best Recipes of the Kitchen Chocolate *
Jan Thorbecke Verlag, Ostfildern, 2015
ISBN 978-3-7995-0585-7
19,99 Euro
136 pages, 19 x 24 cm

Ice party with many small portions of pistachio ice cream in small bowls

Pistachio ice cream

(recipe for Thermomix and ice maker *)

for approx. 700 g


75 g sugar r
75 g peeled and unsalted pistachio nuts
1 pinch of salt
4 fresh organic egg yolks
250 ml whole milk
250 g cream and 1 tsp vanilla extract


Add the sugar, pistachio nuts and salt to the Thermomix and finely chop for about 30 seconds at the 8-10 level. If the mixture is still too lumpy, mix again until everything is finely ground.

Add the egg yolk, milk, cream and vanilla extract, mix everything for about 10 seconds at level 7-8 and then mix Stir for 15 minutes, 80 ° C, level 2-3, without lid, until the mass is thickened and creamy.It is a personal recommendation. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.