Culinary advent calendar: festive pizza wreath

Culinary Advent Calendar 2018 Banner Every year - to be more precise for the 14th time in a row - open to and after the door in Zorras culinary advent calendar! Madness, what has come together in the last few years, right? In any case, I'm really happy that I was able to get hold of a door and be a part of it. And today may open the penultimate door for you. Is that to be believed, tomorrow is Christmas Eve ?! Here you will also find the overview of all the doors! And I'll serve you a festive pizza-wreath today.

Two competitions in the Advent calendar are already over, but the main draw with the blast, the Kenwood Chefe Sense Soft Pop Food processor will take place on 24.12. instead of. So you are still on time. So be sure to check it out tomorrow at Zorra and follow all the posts carefully so you can answer the raffle questions! I'll keep our fingers crossed! And if you still do not have enough, you'll find an overview of all Advent calendars in recent years.

Culinary advent calendar 2018 Banner

So, what do you bring to such an occasion and on such a date, I wondered. Most of the cookies are probably already baked, the Christmas menu is certainly already planned, the roast pre-ordered, the raclette grill from the basement ... Or what else is there with you. Instead of making potato salad and sausages as usual on Christmas Eve, there will be raclette here this year. So my recipe for this day just before Christmas should be something simple, nice and beautiful. Christmas time is stressful enough, right?

My Christmas 2018

And pssst, otherwise I'm really more of a Christmas Grinch. Christmas tree? Wrong! Fairy lights, pfff! I'm just not a fan of decoration - my Christmas decoration is limited to an Ilex branch and a bit of eucalyptus. That must be enough, hihi. In fact, I come wonderfully without any great decoration through the Advent season. The fir branches, which I use for my decoration, land after that and actually, by the way, as protection on my potted plants outside on the terrace. So much for my Christmas vein ...

Recipe for festive pizza wreath with rocket and serrano ham | #pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

My Christmas pizza as a festive pizza wreath is an idea that I've pinned at Eternity at Pinterest. It is actually just a normal pizza, out of the middle of a hole is made and looks like an Advent wreath. Ok, I do not want to belittle that, it's not that boring! The pizza wreath is beautiful and festive! Thanks to rocket, it turns green, ham rolls from Serrano ham symbolize the jewelry. I really like the wreath! On the Internet you will often find "pizza wreath" arranged in a circle pizza rolls or just the punched out variant, which I like much better. As a loop many peppers are used to carve them.

Recipe for festive pizza wreath with rocket and serrano ham | moeyskitchen .com #pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

As you may know, I am very seasonal. I avoid buying things in winter that have no season. Every year I shake my head when, at the end of December, asparagus is suddenly back on the supermarket shelves. Why? Or strawberries!Why not just make a dessert with apple or oranges? Fits wonderfully at this time of year! And instead of asparagus you can use as an alternative also great salsify. Know the least, but can be processed as well. And if you just want to make a mess anyway, there's plenty of parsnips, parsley roots, and other seasonal vegetables.

Recipe for festive pizza wreath with arugula and serrano ham | #pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

But I also do not want to demonize anyone, I'm just trying always to avoid yourself. Of course, the pizza wreath also looks quite adorable with a paprika bow. And halved tomatoes, which are placed after baking with the cut side up on the pizza wreath, certainly look like wonderful Christmas tree balls. After all, these things are also available in winter and in organic quality from Spain and they do not have to be flown around the world like strawberries or asparagus. For my festive bows, I simply rolled the punched middle part of my pizza dough into long strings and put them into loops. Looks just as pretty and tastes delicious!

recipe for festive pizza wreath with rocket and serrano ham | # pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

I imagine the pizza wreath wonderful for the 2nd Christmas holiday. Then when the big geese food is over. Or for the days between the years. If the Christmas tree is still standing, the fairy lights are still hanging, but you want to cook again reasonably normal. Maybe you have leftovers from the holidays in the fridge, which you can pack on the pizza? Instead of arugula and Serrano ham as in my version, you can also wonderfully prove your pizza wreath after baking with spinach or lamb's lettuce. Instead of using ham, you can also bake small salami slices. And instead of buffalo mozzarella, you can bake cheese rinds from fondue or raclette on your pizza. My pizza wreath is just an example for you - be creative and get ripped off. Then it will be a great pizza fun for the whole family! And I wish you wonderful holidays!

recipe for festive pizza wreath with rocket and serrano ham | # pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

Culinary advent calendar: festive pizza wreath

Festive Pizza Wreath

Portions: 4

Christmas shaped pizza in Advent wreath with arugula and serrano ham


  • 500 g of light wheat flour (type 00 or 405)
  • 4 g dry yeast (approx. 1/2 packet)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • ca.Add olive oil and gradually add the water. Knead with the dough hooks of the hand mixer or food processor for several minutes to a smooth yeast dough. If the dough is too dry, add some water. If the pond is too sticky, just use a little more flour. The dough should finally be elastic and smooth. Cover the bowl with a damp dishcloth and let it rest at room temperature for 3-4 hours if possible. In the vicinity of a heater maybe even 1-2 hours. I prefer to let the dough slow when the time is up.

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C top and bottom heat and lay out 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.


Quarter the pizza dough and roll it into circles on the lavishly floured work surface. Possibly. Cut clean with a pizza cutter. Pull the dough circle onto a baking tray. Cut out a circle with a round cookie cutter from the middle of the dough. From the dough circle (if necessary, use a little more dough) roll a long dough string and form it into a loop. Brush the pizza dough crumb with a quarter of the tomato sauce, then place the loop. Possibly. also sprinkle with tomato sauce, if desired.


Prepare a total of four pizza wreaths in this way. Tear buffalo mozzarella into small pieces and distribute evenly on the wreaths, avoiding the loops. Bake the pizzas one at a time in a preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes until the rim is golden brown and the cheese has melted. Remove the finished pizza from the oven and immediately cover with a quarter of the rocket. Halve a few slices of Serrano ham, roll up and spread on the rocket. Cover with parmesan shavings and drizzle with some balsamic.


The Pizza Serve immediately, divide and gradually bake the other pizzas and enjoy together!


The pizza can be filled with your own favorite ingredients.

 recipe for festive pizza wreath with rocket and serrano ham | #pizza #recipe #christmas #recipes #foodblogger

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