From Chinese pork belly, fried Oreos and soft-shell crabs: a visit to the Street Food Festival in Cologne

Uwe Feller is a passionate restaurateur. There is no other explanation for the fact that he and his team have converted a 40-year-old, extremely run-down UPS truck into a food truck in painstaking, month-long, and laborious work. The complete genesis of the dining car you can look at the accompanying dining car Facebook page. Except for the outer shell, nothing remained (and even not, if you take it exactly ...). Every little part was taken apart and replaced. And the effort was worth it: the result is a fire-red speedster, planned through to the smallest detail and perfectly designed for a kitchen on wheels. Shiny stainless steel surfaces, the finest leather and fine wood speak for themselves.

That's how I see the truck at the Cologne Street Food Festival for the first time (and next time I'll shoot a nice one too) Photo of the truck, promised!). There he stands out for his striking size and bright color. But not only the appearance makes him something special. The special thing is the offer: Instead of burger, pulled pork or sandwiches - the classic street food meal with American origin - here hand-scraped spaetzle with tender Duroc pork cheeks are served. And the concept seems to work: long lines form in front of the Ferrari red food truck. After the first bite into the creamy-spicy cheese spaetzle everyone nods thoughtfully and smiles soulfully. Our home cooking can be so hip! The secret is the fresh preparation on site and the mixture of two different matured mountain cheeses and Emmentaler, Uwe tells me in conversation.

Usually he offers a caterer with the German classics, as you get from corporate events and street parties knows - there is the local cuisine on street food events only consistently and a great change. The spaetzle are soft and creamy, the cheese has just the right seasoning and you can either order the cheese spaetzle with delicious roasted onions or just the pork cheeks. These are sourced from Duroc pigs from Thuringia and are garnished gently for 9 hours with only mild spices. A little red wine completes the sauce and, just like the cheeks, goes perfectly well with the spaetzle. Wine and cheese could not harmonize better: the sauce is mild, the cheese is still spicy and the cheeks crumble on the tongue. Delicious and unconditional tasting recommendation, even though you might come to the festival for burgers and Co.

Hand-spiced cheese spaetzle with stewed duroc pork cheeks from the dining car

This sunday in march has All started with a delicious cappuccino of coffee. Before the rush, then when the Street Food Festival at Jack in the Box in Cologne-Ehrenfeld opens its doors at 12 o'clock, it is still relaxed. Cooks and technicians greet each other, stand neighbors hug each other friendly, they know each other. And everyone meets again with Alex and his coffee stand. In no time at all - even before the actual opening - a snake is forming to grab a delicious espresso or cappuccino.
At a blogger meeting we were allowed to look around the grounds at 11:30 am and take our time. And of course try!

 coffee specialties at the Street Food Festival in Cologne

The boys and girls of J. Kinski are from Thuringia and have become opulent with their street food stand Specializes in sandwiches.The spelled whole grain bread is homemade, the organic beef used comes from happy, free-roaming cows and is cooked sous-vide and thinly sliced ​​on the Stullen.

The sauces give the special kick: Whether "Frenchman" with Truffle mayo, "Green Bay Cheese" with jalapenos and cheddar sauce or "Mr. Crabbs "with Crab Mayo - all a blast. All sandwiches are also served with home-made coleslaw and braised onions. No one is surprised that long queues gather around the stand at noon and the team is simply sold out in the early afternoon.

 Three different sandwiches by J. Kinski at the Street Food Festival in Cologne
delicious sandwiches from J. Kinski Thuringia: organic beef, home-baked spelled whole grain bread

The guys from the street kitchen call themselves Ol'Spice Boyz and you quickly realize that the name is program: It smells like sedition, back in the outside of Jack in the Box. The 5-Spice Spice Powder is its own blend and since last Sunday I am also in possession of a bag. I have to dosed well and use it carefully. But the smell is addictive!

What I was allowed to taste there is a revelation: Crispy Pork Belly Thai Style. Huh? Well, pork belly! Well seasoned, cooked for 32 hours at 62 ° C and then fried crispy. I'm not really a belly fan and I do not really like fat on meat, but this is a revelation! Butterzart inside, crisp outside, bedded on soft eggplants with coriander and spring onion. Wow! I'll let the picture speak for itself and say: See you in Düsseldorf on Sunday - I'm looking forward to it!

 Crispy Pork Belly Thai style of the Ol 'Spice Boyz/street food from Dusseldorf at the Street Food Festival Cologne

Hola amigos! The smart guys from Los Carnales offer fine Mexican street food: tacos and quesadillas, either with pork neck or boiled beef tongue. I'm really into Quesadillas and the taste is a blast.

Special highlight: four homemade sauces, where you can easily serve yourself. From mild to hellish spicy there is something for every taste. The mango salsa was, chön, charf. And I wonder until now whether the all-day queue in front of the truck is really just down to the food or the charming chicos ...

 Sauce selection from Los Carnales to Tacos and Quesadillas at the Street Food Festival in Cologne

Chocolate bars are already a mess in itself. But if you then pack them in a pastry case, rip them up in fat and sell them as "Deep Fried Oreos" or "Deep Fried Lion", then this is just foodporn. And what a! No, it's not too sweet and no, it's not too greasy.

You get a wonderfully crispy pastry case with a soft filling and creamy favorite bar. The charming girls of The Little Munchkin have apparently just hit a nerve and the result speaks for itself: no snake was longer than the one before the sweets truck.Good thing Pankowalksi came from Poland and brought their own vodka! Whether honey cinnamon ginger with cardamom, bitter lemon or lime mint - it bangs and it burns! And how! Honey vodka - that looks like cough syrup and also has a similar consistency. It certainly helps in the flu time. Definitely even.

But the feeling when the spicy vodka is gone and the mild honey settles on the palate afterwards - indescribable. Lime-mint replaces a summer drink in just one sip - it gushes in the mouth and you immediately feel like you're on a beach bar. Crazy. Try - in moderation - is really worth it, if you want to try something new.

homemade vodka at Pankowalski from Poland at Street Food Festival in Cologne

Last but not least Martin and Walter from Fette Kuh (who does not know the coolest burger shop of the city of the country of the world!) invited us to their new truck. Within just 5 weeks, the concept for the sausage case scenario emerged - the food truck, which is about the sausage. Burgers alone were not enough, the latest trend is clearly the hot dogs. And the guys from The Fat Cow would not be them if they did not have the coolest creations in their luggage: from chili dog in sepia bun to white sausage dog to my favorite chorizo ​​dog with sauerkraut - that's fast food deluxe, Street food at its finest!

The bread rolls come from the same bakery, who also produces the buns for the burger shop, the sausage comes from the butcher of trust: Kleinjung from Engelskirchen. In spite of international creations it stays as usual regional. With one exception and thus a completely new experience: the ingenious Soft-Shell Crab sandwich! Butter tender meat with crispy legs. It was a crazy idea and certainly an insider tip.

And if it was still quiet in the morning, the sausage-case-scenario troupe could make a lot of sweat in their nice trailer during the day. The effort was worth it - I'm really excited about the selection.

 The The Wurst Case Scenario Foodtruck at the Street Food Festival Cologne
Chili-Hot-Dog in sepia bun from The Wurst Case scenario at the Street Food Festival in Cologne
 Chorizo-Hot-Dog with Sauerkraut by The Wurst Case Scenario at the Street Food Festival in Cologne
Soft Shell Crab by The Wurst Case Scenario at the Street Food Festival in Cologne
 Softshell Crab Sandwich by The Wurst Case scenario at Street Food Festival in Cologne

Unfortunately, it did not make it to the picture, it was just too delicious and too fast plastered: The delicious macarons and mini-cupcakes from Dehly & deSander. Thank you for the nice care package, that was the perfect dessert!But hold on! You can expect nice teams from the sweet munchkin girls to the charming Los Carnales-Chicos to the cool sausage-case guys - who all burn for their products and serve you the best products with a lot of heart and passion. Bring your appetite, let yourself drift across the grounds and taste the range.

Dare to try something new and try different flavors and unfamiliar dishes. I say: it's worth it! In Cologne, a total of 38 booths presented - as you can see, I could only present you a small selection of it - there are of course many more great things to try. There are even 50 booths registered in Dusseldorf - so you're spoiled for choice.

For more information on the event, please visit: Street Food Festival

Many thanks to all stand operators who have invited us to feast through their assortment. Special thanks also to Till and Martin for the nice invitation and the great organization! See you next Sunday in Dusseldorf.
Who is still there?

Till from the Street Food Festival and Martin from The Fat Cow and The Wurst Case Scenario