Kale salad with fig dressing, manchego and walnuts

Fresh kale salad with sweetish fig dressing, mild spicy manchego shavings and crunchy walnuts. The perfect salad in winter, quickly and easily prepared with just a few ingredients!

Here we are again! I'm really happy that the wonderful Bloggerrunde Seasonal tastes better continues this year too! And in the cold January we start with as many as 20 recipes. One should say, in winter you can not cook with fresh vegetables! The Foodblogger seasonal calendar has become an integral part of my blog and I try to be there every month with a recipe. We want to show you how great it is to cook fresh and delicious with seasonal ingredients in every season.

Recipe for crunchy kale salad with fig dressing, manchego and walnuts | moeyskitchen.com # kale #kale #salat # winter vegetables #kohl #rezepte #foodblog #foodblogger

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In January, as in November 2018, I dedicate myself to one of my absolute winter favorites: kale! But instead of steaming it with pasta, sausage and mustard sauce, it's crisp and fresh today as a salad: kale salad! When I told my mother about it and sent photos, she immediately asked if that would taste good. Kale is too hard and firm. But the good news is: you get it wonderfully soft and supple! Kale is therefore also excellent raw as a salad. But be sure to use fresh kale on the stem, not the pre-cut and pre-packaged!

Recipe for crunchy kale salad with fig dressing, Manchego kale #kale #salat #winter vegetables #kohl #rezepte #foodblog #foodblogger

Kale salad with fig dressing, manchego and walnuts

The secret to the kale salad is to knead the finely chopped cabbage properly with the dressing. By sugar, salt and vinegar and the strong rubbing, the otherwise so hard cabbage really nice and soft and tender. I think it's so fantastic! With my recipe, which I discovered in a similar way in an American food magazine, I bring the sweetness of ripe figs and the sweetness of a delicious Manchego into play. Both are perfectly compatible with the bitter kale. I use a homemade fig jam with walnuts, which I boiled down in the summer. In connection with the Manchego simply phenomenal!

If you have no fig jam or get, there is a simple trick, which is also used in the original recipe. Just cook a few dried figs (available in every supermarket, health food store and even the drugstore) in very little water until they are soft and then puree them. That's enough for the dressing used here. The fig taste also comes out wonderfully without being too sweet-sweet.Remove the hard stems and pluck or chop the leaves. Put into a salad bowl.


Mix the olive oil, balsamic and fig jam creamy with a whisk. Gradually stir in cold water (about 5 tablespoons) until a liquid but not too watery dressing is obtained. Season with salt and pepper.


The Manchego plane with the help of a Sparschälers in strips. Coarsely chop the walnut kernels and roast them in a pan with no fat.


Serve salad with manchego and walnut kernels and serve immediately.

 Recipe for Crunchy Kale Salad with Fig Dressing, Manchego and Walnuts | moeyskitchen.com # kale #kale #salat # winter vegetables #kohl #rezepte #foodblog #foodblogger

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 recipe for crunchy kale salad with fig dressing, manchego and walnuts | moeyskitchen.com # kale #kale #salat # winter vegetables #kohl #rezepte #foodblog #foodblogger