My TOP 10: Christmas cookies and Christmas cookies

Less than a week to Christmas! In 6 days is Christmas Eve! In 144 hours of messing! All Christmas cookies are eaten! I urgently need supplies for the holidays!

Ok, that may sound a little bit lurid. But honestly, you recognize yourself a bit, right? Although I have already baked the first Christmas cookies, they are almost all eaten and will never hold until Christmas. In the office, the colleagues finally had to be cared for. But next week you need something for the family!

To make it a little easier and to give you an overview of what you are baking in the last week before Christmas or the last weekend of Advent So, there is now this service article. Just click directly on the respective picture or on the link in the accompanying text and you will get straight to the recipe!

My TOP 10 Recipes for Christmas cookies and Christmas cookies

My blog celebrates its in January 8th birthday, which means that for the seventh time I have published cookie and pastry recipes this December. In my top 10 listing are also a few old treasures in there, for example, from 2011. Please do not be surprised because of the image quality. Those were other times 😉

But now I hope above all that I can give you a suggestion for Advent baking: Whether tender Christmas cookies, crispy Christmas biscuits, juicy stollen or buttery panettone. Here should be a recipe for every taste and every occasion! Have fun baking!

My TOP 10 Recipe Ideas

Gurnard Lemon-Fir Trees

Recipe for crunchy claret and lemon fir trees | # christmas cookies #christmas cookies # christmas cookies #cookies #recipes #foodblogger

The butter lard and lemon fir tree trees are really super simple cookie cutters, which become particularly tender due to the combination of clarified butter. The dough is stirred together very quickly and does not have to be cooled down first. I also add lemon zest to the dough to make it fruity. Even the "snow" on the tops of the Christmas trees is made of lemon powdered icing.

Baked apple and stollen confectionery

 Recipe for Juicy Baked Apple Stollen Sweetmeat from the Thermomix | #baked apple #stollen confectionery # christmas bakery # christmas cookies #foodblogger #recipes

For the baked apple and stollen confection, knead a light yeast dough and then cook a delicious apple and spice filling. The yeast dough is cut in half, rolled out, spread on one half and covered with the other half. When baking, all three parts combine to produce a wonderfully soft and soft pastry with juicy apple filling.

Quick Espresso Walnut Biscuits

Recipe for instant espresso-walnut biscuits with chocolate | # christmas cookies #christmas cookies #cookies # christmas bakery #foodblogger #recipes
The espresso walnut biscuits are really nice crunchy and melt on the tongue. They look stunningly beautiful. And to do it is no effort! You do not need special ingredients or tools. Crisp, crispy biscuits with chocolate, espresso powder and roasted walnut kernels.Sounds more beautiful than angel eyes or hussar donuts, I think. You knead a smooth shortcrust pastry and then form the cookies. They are filled with red jelly or with lemon curd or nut nougat cream.

Chocolate pistachio panettone

 Recipe for Chocolate Pistachio Panettone | Christmas Yeast Pastry | #panettone #christmas # christmas bakery #recipes #foodblogger
My Chocolate Pistachio Panettone is not prepared with sourdough, but with fresh yeast. And thereby very nice and easy to imitate. The panettone is more like a yeast bread instead of a cake and does not taste too sweet. Because instead of dried fruit I use here a mixture of roasted and salted pistachios and dark dark chocolate.

Nougat Stollen confectionery with almonds

 Recipe for Nougat Stollen Confectionery with Almonds | #stollen confectionery #nougatstollen # christmas cookies #christmas cookies # christmas cookies #recipes #foodblogger
The nougat stollen confectionery is prepare lightning fast. These really adorable mini studs are really made that fast, they look really great and taste so good! And do not worry: raisins or dried fruits are not in here. Delicious nut nougat and chopped almonds.

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Fudge

Recipe for Gingerbread Cookie Dough Fudge | Christmas cookies as a gift from the kitchen | #fudge #cookiedough #christmas # christmas cookies # gingerbread # gingerbread # gingerbread #recipes #foodblogger
No bake prepare the gingerbread cookie Dough Fudge. Raw biscuit stuck in a creamy fudge with sweetened condensed milk. A super simple gift idea - even on a last minute basis!

Vanilla Meltaways - Sweet Vanilla Biscuits

Recipe for Vanilla Meltaways - Delicate Vanilla Biscuits | #vanillameltaways #Vanilla Cookies # Vanilla Cookies # Christmas Cookies #Christmas Cookies #cookie #foodblogger #recipes
Vanilla Meltaways - these are wonderfully mellow and delicately melting shortbread biscuits , With a fine vanilla flavor, very easy to prepare with just a few ingredients and incredibly delicious. Christmas biscuits, which should not be missing on any cookie plate!

Quick almond speculoos from the tin

recipe for quick almond speculoos from sheet metal | # christmas cookies #christmas cookies # christmas bakery #spekulatius #rezepte #foodblogger
Who said that speculoos must always be complicated? Yes, maybe it's not quite traditional, but my quick almond speculum from the tin is the perfect combination of butter speculoos, almond speculoos and spice speculoos from the tin. Baked directly on the baking sheet without any special shapes!

Juicy nougat stollen in glass

Recipe for Juicy Nougat Stollen in the Glass | Gifts from the Kitchen | #stollen #nougatstollen #recipes #foodblogger # christmasbakery #goodies

Again nougat, again stollen. This time baked as a juicy Nougatstollen in the glass. The recipe can either form as normal studs and bake or - and I think that's more beautiful: As a small Stollenportionen in Weck-Glas.